Bengazhi: four people killed. We had eight hours to rescue our ambassador and everyone else in our compound. Was our ambassador and three other people killed phony?

Fast and Furious: Brian Terry, our border patrol man, was killed with weapons that our attorney general authorized to let go to the drug cartels in Mexico. Was Brian Terry's murder phony?

IRS scandal: Targeting conservative Tea Party groups. Phony? I think not.

Obamacare: Nobody wants this. Now even your IRS workers union wants to be exempt from this unpopular bill. If this is such a good bill, why are your unions wanting to opt out of this bill? Phony? I think not.

The only phony thing about all this is the lying phony liberal communist party, aka Democrats, i.e. Obama, Pelosi, Reed and Jay Carney, the little kid that lies for Obama.

Verlyn Schumacher