A plea to city commissioners

What ever happened to free commerce? I do not believe the public should have to pay to support a business, to help them make a profit. If the business was not a good investment, they should not have bought it.

When a business gets help from the government, it is unfair to other businesses that have paid their own way.

In the past, the tenants at The Mall had to pay a monthly rental fee. They also had to pay a monthly fee for maintenance.

At the end of each quarter, if the maintenance was more than they had been charged, the extra expense was divided between the tenants. They were also responsible for repair of heating and air conditioning, plumbing and other items in the premises.

What happened to the money the owners had received from the tenants? The parking lot should have been repaired from that fund.

The Hays City Commission should read a current contract between the tenants and the owner before they make a decision on the mall's proposed 1-cent community improved district tax.

Aaron White was correct when he said it would cost more to drive elsewhere to shop, but we should not have to make that decision.

E. M. Watson,