Attendee Chris Miller had some questions for the Hays City Commission at its regular meeting Thursday evening.

He said it seemed as though the commission was following some rules set by the state, yet breaking others.

“Are we picking and choosing what we are following the state statutes on?” he said.

He mentioned guns, elections and use of general fund money.

“Recently, the state has passed less restrictive gun laws restoring citizen’s rights, and you guys all met and said you weren’t going to abide by that,” Miller said.

The sewer maintenance and wastewater plant is a must. He understands it needs to be done, but was confused about state laws regarding the uses of the money from certain funds and why it seemed as though the commission was following those rules but not other rules.

Mayor Eber Phelps said the city has an attorney to make sure they are following state statutes.

The majority of the city commission earlier this year voted to send a letter to the Legislature against changing city elections from the spring to the fall. The Legislature has decided to go ahead and move the elections to fall, and Phelps said the city will follow state statues on the new law.

As far as guns go, there was a provision that said a city could opt in or out, and the city opted out, which was allowed by law, Phelps said.

“As far as statutory laws, I don’t think there is any picking and choosing going on,” Phelps said.

“I’m asking a question because I’m not clear on it,” Miller said. “I’m sitting here week-after-week, and all of the folks at home are not. If I’m not understanding the way things are, I think it’s my duty to ask a question.”

“Your statements indicate that you think we are picking and choosing, and the fact of the matter is that you can’t do that,” Phelps said.

“Maybe I’m just misinterpreting, I heard something that led me to believe something different,” Miller said. “I just wanted some clarification.”

In other business, the commission:

• Approved the audit by Adams Brown Beran and Ball. Ken Beran told the commission there were no citations or problems for the year.

• Approved the issuance of bonds. The city’s bond rating recently was upgraded to AA, thus giving the city better interest rates.

• Heard a report from Assistant City Manager Paul Briseno on the status of the new bike lanes.