R9 challenge

I address this to Larry Reichert in the knowledge that he has been a vocal political opponent of mine for many years and that he seldom seems to have anything positive to add to the public discourse.

I normally ignore propaganda signed by you, but your letter to The Hays Daily News requires that the record be set straight, and I can do that without lengthy debate and with a simple proposition.

Your letter to the editor about the city of Haysí plans to solve the water problems of our area for the next 50 to 75 years starts and ends with the premise that the R9 project is bad. Father Alexius, one of my instructors at St. Joseph Military Academy, taught me that if an argumentís premise is false, its conclusion must also be false. Your letter begins with the assertion that it is uphill from the Ranch to Hays. I will offer a wager to you: If your assertion that it is uphill from the ranch to Hays is true, I will donate $1,000 to the charity of your choice; if it is false, you will do the reverse.

No fair doing any research ó that would be completely contrary to your usual style of random speculation and might actually make you deal with facts.

Let me know your response.

I will tell you how to make the check payable after we submit the question to the Fort Hays Department of Geosciences.

Eber Phelps,

Hays mayor