When it comes to deer, Nov. 17 is the greatest day of danger.

That's the peak day for deer-related accidents in Kansas, brought on by the annual rite of rut -- mating season for deer.

Peak time is about an hour after sunset and again just before sunrise, according to documents prepared by Lloyd Fox, big game coordinator for the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

In northwest Kansas, Rooks and Ellis counties share the distinction of having the greatest number of deer-rated accidents. Rooks had 121 last year while Ellis was a close second at 119.

Norton, Phillips and Russell all had more than 100 accidents in 2009. Logan and Wallace counties had the fewest, only 13 combined.

In the 20 counties that make up northwest Kansas, there were 1,079 accidents involving deer in 2009, according to data compiled by the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Nineteen injuries were reported in connection with the accidents in northwest Kansas.

-- Mike Corn, HDN