The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks just might become a giant case of alphabet soup if Gov. Sam Brownback gets his wish.

In his 2012 proposal for fiscal year 2012, Brownback recommended moving the Travel and Tourism program out of the Department of Commerce, pouring it over into KDWP.

That move would add $4.3 million to the KDWP budget. In addition, Brownback is recommending $300,000 for a new agency marketing and public information program within KDWP.

"This program will encourage the public to pursue activities that increase revenue for the agency ... ," the budget message states. It did not identify what those activities might be.

The overall KDWP budget would increase by almost $7 million to $68.4 million.

Funding for the state's parks, however, would increase only slightly, but money from the state general fund would dry by nearly $222,000.

-- Mike Corn, HDN