We use to be able to watch TV free, and one commercial would bring you the whole show. That is the way it should still be. Now we are all paying around $1,200 per year and over half of the TV time we now get goes to sales shows and commercials. The shows and programs are not that good anymore, in my opinion, and I find it hard to find anything good to watch, then around half of the TV time is taken up by commercials. I think the public is getting ripped of by big companies double-dipping by charging us to watch commercials that should pay for the shows.

I see where CBS is paying Judge Judy $47 million per year. That comes to over $900,000 per work day, and she only works 52 days a year. We are paying this. This is just one person and one show. If they can afford to pay one person to do one show that much, they are ripping the public off big time, in my opinion. Who came up with that figure? Is Judge Judy that greedy or is CBS that stupid? That is our money they are spending (wasting).

Glen Teel,