Special to The Hays Daily News

WICHITA -- Today, Secretary of State Kris Kobach held a press conference to announce his ruling of the withdrawal attempt made by Chad Taylor from the U.S. Senate race yesterday. Secretary Kobach announced that Mr. Taylor must stay on the ballot this November.

This ruling was made despite the fact that Mr. Taylor had received conformation from Asst. Secretary of State Brad Bryant that ruled the submission for withdrawal met the standards needed by the office.

Secretary of state candidate Jean Schodorf made the following statement:

"The Office of Secretary of State is in shambles, led by the agenda of one man: Kris Kobach. While there are several in his office that are attempting to follow the rule of the law and are devoted to fair and impartial elections, Kris Kobach has made it his priority to ignore the law and force his whim onto Chad Taylor.

"The decision made by Kris Kobach shows us two things. The first is his partisan nature. Mr. Kobach does not act with the best intentions of Kansans in mind. He only considers what is best for his personal agenda. This stands directly against what is best for the people of Kansas.

"The second is the lack of leadership in the office. Mr. Kobach has decided to ignore the work done by those within his office in favor of implementing his own whims. This is not leadership, this is a lack of organization. This recent display shows how the office is not given the attention that it needs to function properly. Where is the leadership? The extremist right hand of the office does not seem to know what the other hand is doing."

Jean Schodorf is running on the commitment to provide an unbiased Secretary of State's office for Kansas, to operate an office that is free from outside activities that distract from the full-time duties of the position, encourages business productivity, and improves the voting process. The shadowy current Secretary of State is running the office with misdirected intentions and an aggressive personal agenda that harms the well-being of Kansans, causes undue hardship for Kansas businesses, and does not meet the need of providing truly safe and secure elections.