Open letter to a so-called journalist

In Mondayís HDN, Miami Herald communist, I mean, columnist, or actually so-called columnist, Leonard Pitts was at it, again, addressing the commander-in-chief as the so-called president of the United States.

So, Mr. Pitts, if you are going to mention the Constitution, you must already know Article 2, Section 1, of the 12th Amendment, which states we have an Electoral College in place with a sole purpose of electing the president of the United States. Not the so-called president, but the president.

And since you also mention this United States, I might suggest that it is high-time you realize that in order to succeed, itís imperative that we actually become united ó and your columns do everything but unite. Theyíre filled with hate and promote division whether itís politics or racism. How do you keep your job? And comparing it to Hitler and the Third Reich, really? What are you trying to accomplish? If itís just selling your article, no matter what the contents, shame on you. Just who the hell do you think you are? (Thatís what you asked Trump in Mondayís edition).

If Hillary Clinton would have won the election, Iím sure there wouldíve been some disappointed people in our country. But I canít see them continuing to whine on a regular basis.

Since you also mentioned the Electoral College as Trumpís way of winning the election, I have to think back before the election, and I canít say that I recall anyone complaining about this system back then. You see, you canít change the rules once the game has started. Otherwise, 3-point baskets could be changed to a negative 3 in basketball by the opponents, and how fair would that be.

Iím going to have to look up what a ďcoterie of cartoon autocratsĒ is, as this is how you described Trumpís administration. But if youíre ever asked if you are a respectable journalist, you should be able to answer that in two of your own words: Hell no.

Tim Schumacher,