Dion Lefler
The Wichita Eagle

The Kansas Department of Revenue is extending a waiver on late fees on large truck and commercial vehicle registrations for one month, after implementing a new registration system.

The waiver applies to trucks that were supposed to have been registered by Dec. 31, said department spokeswoman Jeannine Koranda. They were originally given a two-month grace period with no late fees, but that is being extended another month to give more time to adjust to the new registration system, in which fees are based on weight instead of property tax value.

The extra time is to help owners who miss their renewal deadline because not all county treasurers' offices are offering commercial vehicle registration or the owner needs a new U.S. Department of Transportation number, she said.

Vehicles affected are those considered to be commercial if they are used to transport people or property and have a gross weight of more than 10,000 pounds, are designed for 15 passengers or more or are used to transport certain hazardous materials. The definition does not include farm vehicles.

The department has informed law enforcement agencies of the grace period on late fees. However, tags that aren't renewed on time will be legally expired and police can still write tickets to the driver, Koranda said.