Is Kansas a petri dish for a new and efficient way of conducting the people's business --  or is it a disaster in the making?

That's the question we will watch closely in the coming months and years. Massive tax cuts will lead to a cut in spending -- where and how to cut is a more complicated issue.

Not shockingly, northwest Kansas voted overwhelmingly Republican in Tuesday's election -- which most, if not all, see as a consensus among the voting public that Gov. Sam Brownback is taking the state in the right direction.

The faces we send to Topeka next session have changed -- as has the letter following their name. Instead of two senators with an eye on our interests, we have one. And instead of two Democrats offering up enough discourse to prompt debate, we have none.

Here's what we ask of newly elected leaders Sue Boldra and Travis Couture-Lovelady, as well as longtime Sen. Ralph Ostmeyer, who now represents Hays and Ellis County: Ask questions. Get answers. The Brownback machine has been brutally efficient in reaching its goals in a short time frame, and we do not need lawmakers in Topeka pushing the governor's agenda.

In fact, Brownback most likely doesn't even need your help to get his way in the coming months. That said, let's task our western Kansas reps with something that seems common sense on our western prairie -- be the voice of reason and do not act without just cause.

The governor has plenty of yes-men to go around in Topeka. Be our eyes, ears and voice. Be a reflection of the people who sent you to Topeka, not a shadow of those you meet there.

Be with us.

Editorial by Ron Fields