And once again, whether we were ready for it or not, 2012 has us in its grasp.

Time to change calendars, transfer all the birthdays, anniversaries and special events you know in advance and make sure the calendar is in broad view each day in order to keep abreast of what the future holds in the upcoming months of this whole new year.

But worst of all, it is time to get the checkbook balanced for the last year, set up the new set of books for 2012, and yes, oh yes, lest we forget, it's time to start work on income taxes.

I happened on a little tidbit somewhere that tickled my funny bone because it was so true, and it went like this: "A road map will tell you everything you want to know, except how to fold it up again."

Would you agree few people truthfully admit to liking change?

We all battle it, but we all go through it each and every day of our lives. We are born, we learn to walk, talk and experience relationships. All of which forms us.

We go to school, and from there on, there is rarely a dull moment allowed to invade our daily routines. Then, when, and if, we marry, it is as though we are basically reborn as we start the process all over again.

So I ask you, why is it we rebel against change? Is the issue always so drastic it is something we as human beings cannot grasp and merge into our everyday lifestyles?

A philosophy I follow, which probably not always is pleasing to those around me, is: "Don't do as others say, just listen to them and then do what you feel is best." Am I wrong in this belief?

Take for example all the exposure to politics, which basically is forced upon us by all forms of media these days.

Heaven help us. Democrats blame Republicans. Republicans blame Democrats. Independents promote and believe this. All this pomp and circumstance, the billions and billions of dollars being spent is nothing short of ridiculous.

Finger pointing. Ah, but remember, when you point one finger at another, where are the other four fingers pointing? No one is perfect.

Only one perfect person ever walked this earth, so tell me, why do we have to be confronted with all of these ridiculous accusations and senseless issues?

Those billions of dollars could be put to a lot better use than padding the pockets of those using it to their advantage at this point. Simplify, scale down and live life as simple as each of us are.

Don't fog it up with promises that are seldom, if ever, fulfilled anyway.

True, the creases might still exist in that road map, but those creases bear strong resemblances to life once you have unfolded it, used it and tried to put it back into the same folds. Just like life, it just will not go back to its original state.

It never will be as smooth and flat as it was in its original state, and, rightly so. It has been used. It has been referred to. It has given us choices to make. It might have led us astray in a couple of the traveled miles -- mostly from our own changes that we chose to make on an individual basis -- and not as a result of the use of the map. The colors of the map might have dimmed from use, and stains from that hot cup of java you were drinking might be left on it.

Your destination plans, arrival, departure times probably all took various detours during the course of its use. But when this happened, and the outlook was dark, we discovered we might have to find a different route.

It does not do any good to sit there and wait for a detour or course correction. Like my pops used to say, "You have to take the bull by the horns and go for it."

Here's to hoping all your calendars are changed, decorations are put away and all your books are in order. In all of this, remember, "You can be robbed of what you have but not of what you are."

Nadene Albrecht is a member of the Generations Advisory Group.