An invitation

Republican Tim Huelskamp has been removed from his assignments on the House Budget Committee and the Agriculture Committee by Republican Speaker John Boehner.

This political move diminishes the influence of the citizens of Kansas on two committees important to the general welfare of our state.

The speaker is pushing us aside, despite our consistent support of Republican policies and candidates.

We voted for Richard Nixon three times, for goodness sake. What more do they want?

I don't believe Rep. Huelskamp realized he would be expected to become a lock-stepping, golf club-carrying, rubberstamper for John Boehner. Tim's independent thinking is being punished by a petty, vindictive GOP House leadership.

For these reasons, I have invited Tim to become a Democrat. He would find Democrats in Congress to be more friendly and more accepting of divergent views. And much less weepy.

If he hurries with a party switch, perhaps Mrs. Pelosi could get him a Democratic seat on the ag committee, where he would once again be able to influence legislation so important to the citizens of the First District.

A.B. Campbell