Trump brings flamethrowerto stick fight

How is a real estate billionaire/TV celebrity going to be elected president, especially after bragging about sleeping with other men’s wives, insulting women, his opponents, his fellow candidates, the Pope, Native Americans, Mexicans, Muslims, decorated war heroes, the disabled and others while supporting convicted rapists and receiving endorsements from famous racists?

Here is how he’s doing it. Scott Adams, the creator of the cartoon Dilbert and an expert in the art of persuasion, notes Donald Trump is using effective techniques used by TV commercial pitchmen.

Rule 1: Be vague about policies, eliminating targets and therefore criticism.

Rule 2: Never apologize. It’s a sign of weakness.

Rule 3: Ignore the facts. People believe what he says.

Rule 4: Brand your opponent with a “sticky” insult. Remember the very effective “low-energy” Bush?

Trump tested “crooked” versus “heartless” Hillary with an audience for bias confirmation. The crowd voted for crooked. Trump reinforces “crooked” every time a negative news media article about Hillary is aired.

Adams explains that Trump has brought a flamethrower to a stick fight.

S. Robert Schwartz, Valparaiso