Tell me it isn't so?

For weeks leading up to the midterm Nov. 4 election, I had the sense the Democrat vs. Republican coverage in my Hays Daily News was somewhat lopsided.

Those who know me know I feel strongly that there is bias in most media. The bias, I feel, leans very strongly to the left, to the liberal left, to the Democrat liberal left. I, therefore, painstakingly, went through all my HDNews editions of the paper from Oct. 12 up to and including the day of the election of Nov. 4.

I came across a grand total of 122 articles that had something to do with the election which might in some way affect whether one would vote Democrat or Republican. I put Independent Greg Orman in the Democrat column since, obviously, that would be voting against the Republican Party even though not necessarily for Democrats.

I broke down my study into the following three categories: 1) articles in the body of the paper, excluding the Opinion section (44 writings), 2) editorials and columnists in the Opinion section (27 writings), and 3) reader forum articles in the Opinion section (51 writings).

In the body of the paper, so to speak, including quite often front page news, out of 44 writings 33 favored Democrats (or Orman) and 11 favored Republicans. In percentages, that would be 75 percent for Democrats and 25 percent for Republicans.

In the editorial and columnist section of the paper, out of 27 writings, 20 favored Democrats (or Orman) and seven favored Republicans. In percentages, that would be 74 percent to 26 percent.

In the reader forum section, there were 51 writings, with 31 leaning Democrat and 20 leaning Republican. That would be 61 percent to 39 percent. I could not help but notice many, if not most, of these letters to the editor were from far off Kansas locations, even some out of state and mostly favored Democrats.

If anyone is interested, my detailed breakdown of the news during the period noted above can be obtained at the Hays Public Library; however, it was also submitted to the paper as well. I give the title of the article, author's name when it is opinion, and how I labeled the writing.

Somebody might take issue with me on a little something here or there, but looking at the big picture, the picture is clear.

Is there bias in the media? You be the judge.

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.

Categorizing HDN pre-election news (Oct. 12 to Nov. 4)

Non-opinion (just news in body of paper)                                                                          

Oct 12  “Fox polls show Davis, Orman falling behind”  but then went on to say Kansas polling showing Davis and Orman ahead   Positive Dem

Oct. 12  Education a priority for Davis      Positive Democrat, anti Brownback    Not Opinion section                                                             Dem

Oct 13  Records show Pat Roberts late in paying taxes on properties.  Not Opinion section  Anti Roberts                                                       Dem

Oct 14 Orman no ‘silent soldier’ for parties.  Pro Independent, also Democrat.                                                                                                 Dem

Oct 15 Davis campaigns with Republican supporters    Pro Davis                                                                                                                       Dem

Oct 15  “Jimmy Carter steps on campaign state for his grandson”   Pro Dem                                                                                                      Dem

Oct 15 “Supreme Court bans abortion regulation from taking place”  in Texas  Pro liberal  Pro Wendy Davis                                                   Dem

Oct 15 “GOP backed limits on voting lead to spirited backlash”  by Dems   anti ID laws of Reps?                                                                   Dem

Oct 16 “Millions spent on Senate race”  Makes Orman look like the poor underdog  Pro Orman                                                                       Dem

Oct 17 “Something nice defines debate”  Anti Roberts                                                                                                                                        Dem

Oct 20 “Roberts finds no place like home”   Pro Roberts                                                                                                                                     Rep

Oct 20 “Northwest jobless rate falls again”  Looks good for KS and Brownback                                                                                               Rep

Oct 22  “Colyer: It takes time to turn things around”  Pro Brownback                                                                                                                Rep

Oct 22  “Reroute: State tax cuts send local taxes higher”   Anti Brownback                                                                                                       Dem

Oct 22  “Districts drawn to elect minorities may cost Democrats”   Anti Republican                                                                                         Dem

Oct 22 “Hillary makes pitch to Colo. Women”  Pro Democrat                                                                                                                             Dem

Oct 23 “Sherow blasts Huelskamp’s ‘no’ vote on violence act”  Anti Huelskamp                                                                                               Dem

Oct 23 “Prosecutor: Ad ‘beyond disgraceful’”  Anti Brownback                                                                                                                        Dem

Oct 23  Schodorf criticizes Kobach’s impartiality as state’s election chief”  Anti Kobach                                                                                  Dem

Oct 24 “Health-care compact important issue”  Anti Brownback                                                                                                                        Dem

Oct 26 “Roberts: Election vital”  Pro Roberts                                                                                                                                                       Rep

Oct 27 “Ewy hitting streets, despite running unopposed”  Pro state Republican                                                                                                 Rep

Oct 28 “Leiker looks to unseat incumbent in District 111”  Pro Leiker                                                                                                                Dem

Oct 28 “Brownback defends loan from Colyer”  Anti Brownback                                                                                                                      Dem

Oct 28 “Waymaster: Rural Kansas needs a voice in Topeka”  Pro state Republican                                                                                            Rep

Oct 28 “Kansas spent more than $34,000 on Senate-race litigation”  Anti Kobach                                                                                             Dem

Oct 29 “Incumbent Boldra says it’s time to stay the course”  Pro Boldra                                                                                                            Rep

Oct 29 “Billinger hopes to ‘better’ northwest Kansas”  Pro state Republican                                                                                                      Rep

Oct 29 “Democrats run from Reid”  but very Pro Orman                                                                                                                                    Dem                                                                                                                                  

Oct 30 “KNEA tries to make issues known before election”  Pro Davis                                                                                                              Dem                                                                                                          

Oct 30  Lowry editorial “Schodorf for SOS”  Anti Kobach                                                                                                                                Dem                                    

Oct 30  Columnist John Stossell “Incumbents always win”  Pro Republican                                                                                                       Rep

Oct 30 “Graham tries to help GOP hopefuls”  Knocks campaign contributions  Anti Republican                                                                       Dem

Oct 31 “Strong voter turnout expected”  Pro state Republican                                                                                                                             Rep

Oct 31 “Legislator better understands political process now”  Unopposed Travis Rep   Pro Republican                                                             Rep

Nov 2  “KSU, Roberts’ campaign at odds”  Anti Roberts                                                                                                                                    Dem

Nov 2  “State revenue falls below estimate”  Anti Brownback                                                                                                                             Dem

Nov 3  “ Political ads under fire by schools”  FRONT PAGE!  Anti Brownback                                                                                                 Dem

Nov 3  “Paul (Rand) warns GOP  FRONT PAGE  Anti national Republican                                                                                                      Dem

Nov 3  “Davis: Ellis County is awesome” FRONT PAGE WITH HUGE PICTURE OF DAVIS   Pro Davis                                                    Dem

Nov 4  “Races too close to call with any impunity”  FRONT PAGE  Pro Democrat                                                                                            Dem

Nov 4  “Longtime senator voices an in cumbents lament”  FRONT PAGE  Pro Democrat                                                                                  Dem

Nov 4  “Working near Oval Office ‘never got old’”  Jay Carney  Pro Democrat                                                                                                  Dem

Nov 4  “Citizenship questions leave 21,000 Kansas voters in limbo”  Anti Republican                                                                                         Dem


Many articles on the front page         44 articles total,  33 or 75% Pro Democrat   11 articles or 25% Pro Republican

Opinion section      27 articles total

Oct. 12  Columnist Michael A. Smith  knocking Kris Kobach on voter fraud                                                                                                      Dem                                                                                                   

Oct. 12  Lowry editorial “Wedded Bliss”  touting same sex marriage   Positive Democrat, anti conservative                                                    Dem                                                  

Oct 13  Columnist Leonard Pitts  “Cheerios, marriage equality, the Supreme Court”  Obviously liberal Democrat                                            Dem

Oct 16  Lowry editorial  “Redbelly’s future”  anti Brownback                                                                                                                            Dem

Oct 16  Columnist John Stossel  “Crumbling Constitution”  Pro conservative                                                                                                      Rep

Oct 19  Lowry editorial “Paying for schools”  Anti Brownback                                                                                                                           Dem

Oct 19 Columnist Burdett Loomis “ The most important election in your lifetime”  Anti Brownback                                                                Dem

Oct 20 Columnist Glenn Cox “The age of cynicism”  Anti conservative – vote for a new candidate each time?                                                Dem

Oct 21 Lowry editorial  “Kansas Speaks”   Anti Brownback                                                                                                                                Dem

Oct 23 Lowry editorial “Orman for Senate”  Pro Orman                                                                                                                                       Dem

Oct 23 Columnist John Stossell  “Federal persecutors”  Anti Obama                                                                                                                    Rep

Oct 24 Lowry editorial “Sherow for House”  Pro Democrat                                                                                                                                  Dem

Oct 24 Columnist Bob Hooper  “It can’t get crazier (wanna bet)”  anti Republican                                                                                              Dem

Oct 24 Columnist Walter Williams “Embarrassing economists”  anti liberal                                                                                                          Rep

Oct 26 Lowry editorial “Davis for governor”  Pro Democrat                                                                                                                                 Dem

Oct 26 Columnist Chapman Rackaway “Is Roberts on final lap?”  Anti Roberts                                                                                                  Dem

Oct 27 Columnist Michael Reagan “Profile, or die”  Anti Obama                                                                                                                          Rep

Oct 28 Dallas Morning News editorial “War at our doorsteps”  Pro liberal picture of Muslims                                                                             Dem

Oct 28 Columnist Republican Don Hineman “Surplus KDOT money needed in western Kansas”  attacking state gov’t?                                   Dem

Oct 29 Columnist Jerry Moran “Americans can fix the Senate”  Pro Republican                                                                                                   Rep

Nov 2  Lowry editorial “Leiker for House”  Pro Leiker                                                                                                                                          Dem

Nov 2  Lowry editorial  Lowry supports Derek Schmidt as Republican AG  Pro state Republican                                                                      Rep

Nov 2  Lowry editorial  Lowry supports Democrat Dennis Anderson as Insurance Commissioner  Pro state Democrat                                      Dem

Nov 2  Lowry editorial  Lowry supports Republican KS State Treasurer Ron Estes  unopposed Pro state Republican                                        Rep

Nov 3  Columnist Jon Hauxwell  “Silly season and cynical strategies”  Anti state Republican                                                                              Dem

Nov 4  Lowry editorial  “Low blows”  Anti Brownback and Roberts                                                                                                                    Dem

Nov 4  Columnist Martin Hawver  “Counting non-voter votes”  Anti Kobach                                                                                                      Dem

There were 27 writings in the Opinion section above.  20 favored Dem, 7 Rep,  74% to 26%

Reader forum      Why so many that are not at all local?      55 articles total

Oct 13  READER FORUM Marge Gasnick of Kansas City ??  “Time for new direction”  She will vote for Davis                                             Dem

Oct 13  RF  Dawn Olney of Prairie Village, KS.  “Non-partisan politics” Don’t vote Republican just because KS is red.                                   Dem

Oct 13 RF  John Pyle of Hays  “Vote Republican”  Gave reasons why  Pro Republican                                                                                       Rep

Oct.15 Mary Schwindt “Kansas deserves better”   Anti Huelskamp, pro Sherow                                                                                                  Dem

Oct 16 Lawrence Reichert “Roberts is right choice”  Pro Roberts                                                                                                                          Rep                                                                                           

Oct 17 Bill Rein “Second term needed”  Pro Brownback                                                                                                                                       Rep

Oct 17 Tim Miller  “Kansans deserve better”   Anti Brownback                                                                                                                             Dem

Oct 19 Donna Gillett  “Kansas farm interests”   Pro Roberts                                                                                                                                  Rep

Oct.19 Lawrence Reichert “Davis is moderate?”  Pro Brownback                                                                                                                          Rep

Oct 19 Larry Salmans  “Research before voting”  Pro Brownback                                                                                                                          Rep

Oct 19 David Hobson  “Huelskamp stands out”  Pro Huelskamp                                                                                                                           Rep

Oct 22 Joe Thomasson  “Leiker is the answer”   Pro Leiker Democrat                                                                                                                    Dem

Oct 22 Duane Goossen  “More of cuts coming”  Anti Brownback                                                                                                                         Dem

Oct 22 Nick Levendofsky  “Huelskamp ideologue extraordinaire”  Anti Huelskamp!                                                                                           Dem

Oct 22 Kevin McWhorter “Sun shining on schools”  Anti Brownback                                                                                                                   Dem

Oct 26 Denny Clements “Roberts a changed man”  Anti Roberts                                                                                                                           Dem

Oct 26 Mary Goddard “A Democrat turned Brownback supporter”  Pro Brownback                                                                                           Rep

Oct 26 Rep. Richard Carlson “Time to stay the course”  Pro Brownback                                                                                                               Rep

Oct 26 Steve Morris “Enough is enough” Anti Brownback                                                                                                                                    Dem

Oct 26 Duane West “Most important election”  Anti Brownback                                                                                                                          Dem

Oct 27 Randall Baughman “Changing Republicans”  Anti Republican                                                                                                                  Dem

Oct 27 Mary Schwindt “Medicare experiment”  Anti Brownback                                                                                                                         Dem

Oct 27 Mark Leiker “Important issues”  Pro Brownback                                                                                                                                        Rep

Oct 27 Carol Denning “Follow the votes”  Anti Brownback                                                                                                                                  Dem

Oct 27 Gary Brinker “Shameful attempts” Anti Brownback                                                                                                                                   Dem

Oct 28 J. Holcomb “Kansas and Greg Orman”  Pro Orman                                                                                                                                    Dem

Oct 28 Mark and Brenda Linenberger “Leiker understands”  Pro Leiker                                                                                                               Dem

Oct 28 Suzanne James “Justice doing his job”  Anti state Republican                                                                                                                    Dem

Oct 28 Dave Prescott “Having no price tag”  Pro Huelskamp                                                                                                                                 Rep

Oct 28 Paul Babcott “Dishonest mailing”  Anti Brownback                                                                                                                                   Dem

Oct 30 Carolyn Simms “See the signs”  Anti Orman                                                                                                                                              Rep                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Oct 30 Kenny Riffel “Roberts not the answer”  Anti Roberts                                                                                                                                Dem

Oct 31 Lawrence Reichert “Brownback gets vote”  Pro Brownback                                                                                                                      Rep

Oct 31 Bill Rich “Court Justices”  Pro Liberal                                                                                                                                                         Dem

Oct 31 Doug Sebelius “Supporting Davis-Docking”  Pro Davis                                                                                                                              Rep

Nov 2  Jim Sherow  “Candidate asks for support”  Pro state Democrat                                                                                                                 Dem

Nov 2  Mark Fischer “Roberts serves Kansas”  Pro Roberts                                                                                                                                    Rep

Nov 2  John Borra “Bottom of barrel”  Pro state Republican                                                                                                                                  Rep

Nov 2  Elizabeth Schmeidler  “Matter of truth”  Pro life state Republican                                                                                                              Rep

Nov 2  Larry Weigel  “Another Koch division?’  Pro state Democrat                                                                                                                    Dem

Nov 2  John Pyle  “Sherow’s service”  Anti Sherow                                                                                                                                                Rep

Nov 3  Edward Hammond  “No endorsement”  Pro state Democrat message                                                                                                        Dem

Nov 3  David Norlin  “Playing the game”  Anti state Republican                                                                                                                           Dem

Nov 3  Les Knoll  “Vote responsibly” Pro state Republican                                                                                                                                    Rep

Nov 3  Connie and Jim Hocking “Sherow is change”  Pro Sherow                                                                                                                         Dem

Nov 4  Robert Wunsch “Republicans crossover”  Pro Davis                                                                                                                                   Dem

Nov 4  Phyllis Stuart  “Marijuana debate  Pro Liberal                                                                                                                                             Dem

Nov 4  Shelley Dunham  “Governor’s tricks”  Anti Brownback                                                                                                                             Dem

Nov 4  Shawn Sullivan “Health-care truth”  Pro Brownback                                                                                                                                  Rep

Nov 4  Debbie Nuss “Dropping the ball”  Anti Roberts                                                                                                                                          Dem

Nov 4  Mike Leas  “Lack of respect”  Anti Roberts                                                                                                                                                Dem    

There were 55 articles in the Reader Forum section above.    31 favored Dem, 20 Rep,  61% to 39%