The Hays City Commission approved at its regular meeting Thursday the crosswind runway rehabilitation bid award to National Sealant and Concrete LLC for $651,672 for Hays Regional Airport.

The contractor is allowed 10 weeks to complete the project. The crosswind runway will be closed during construction, and the main runway will need to be closed for short periods of time. Commercial and other air service will continue during construction.

“The crosswind runway is mostly used by general aviation aircraft,” said I.D. Creech, director of public works. “It is for lighter weight planes.”

The runway originally was constructed in 2003 and is experiencing pavement distress. This includes cracking along joints and other issues.

The city received a grant from the FAA to help pay for the construction and engineering. The FAA will pay 90 percent and the city 10 percent.

The commission also approved Burns and McDonnell for the engineering work. The engineering work cost is $99,780, and 90 percent will be funded by the FAA.

In addition, the commission approved an extension to the newly seeded lawn permit for warm season grasses.

The permit allows watering during the day during summer when planting Bermuda or buffalo grass.

With approval, and due to difficult weather conditions or certain types of hulled Bermuda grass seed, the permit can be extended from the original 10 days.

The commission considered raising the cost of a permit for watering fescue grass during the heat of the day from $100 but decided to leave it as is. A permit for cool season grass such as Kentucky bluegrass or fescue is available from Aug. 25 to Sept. 30.

Jason Riegel, water conservation specialist, said no one purchased the cool season permit last year.