Thanks for the votes

Ellis County Citizens: I thank you. I write today, feeling honored and humbled, as well as a deep sense of responsibility and respect for the duties I will perform for the citizens, and for the office of treasurer.

It is a great honor to be selected to serve Ellis County, and I look forward to the various challenges I will encounter such as accounting for and investing our precious and hard-earned tax dollars when I begin my term in October 2017.

During my time campaigning, I met many gracious citizens and have had unforgettable encounters in places as various as grocery stores and garage sales. One citizen said my goal of working in the spirit of togetherness to make the county strong was the reason she supported me. And over the months meeting citizens to whom I introduced myself, it was always a pleasant surprise to hear many had already read my editorials and shared their enthusiasm for what they had learned about me.

Meeting citizens has been energizing, and my encounters with all of you have been what have driven me onward and motivated me during the past five months.

Faith, openness, trust and directed action led me here, but it was the people’s vote that rewarded my efforts. And it is the people’s vote that motivates me to do my best for the citizens of Ellis County.

Whatever I do, I do it with excellence, and I hope that makes those who chose the other candidate comfortable in supporting me as their new treasurer, trusting that same motivation for excellence will lead me on my new duties.

I am grateful and energized to learn more and play my part to strengthen the county. I am excited to unify us all in one goal: to innovate a brighter future for Ellis County.

Once again, thank you.

Lisa Schlegel,

county treasurer-elect