What's the big deal about abortion?

It seems like this is a huge issue in this year's presidential election, and it is dividing Americans like never before.

Some might say we should not vote on one issue alone. What about economic issues, the war, which is also taking lives, and what about human rights issues?

All these issues are important, I totally agree.

But if a candidate will not uphold the fundamental God-given person -- uphold the value of an individual life, would you really want him (or her) making decisions about other issues? The first thing that needs to be protected in a society is life.

Let me give you an example. Immigrants bring many human rights issues to the forefront and rightly so. But, if you had 4,000 immigrants coming across the border, and our border control standing there shooting them as they came across, don't you think there would be an uprising?

And, yes, with war there is a loss of life. I believe Kurt Beyers's column on the editorial page of the Sept. 4 edition of The Hays Daily News said there were 4,100 dead Americans since the war began in March 2003.

In America, we take 4,000 lives a day with abortion. But what most people don't want to realize is that we are actually killing people. We want to believe they are not "real" babies yet. Many want to believe these babies, with a beating heart, are simply a glob of tissue and have little potential as they aren't actually born.

Yet, these are living beings inside a mother's womb. And in our laws of America, we say it is OK to convict someone of killing two people when a pregnant mother is murdered, but if we take the life from the mother's womb in the name of abortion, it is OK.

This is contradictory. Either the life in the mother's womb is valuable or not.

Which is it America?

The other aspect we don't want to understand is that when the life of the unborn child is taken from a mother's womb, the unborn child actually feels the pain. And also, we don't want to believe this "choice" to take this life hurts the mother or father in any way.

We are made in the image and likeness of God. This is how it works: God so loves us he procreates -- he creates us simply by thought. God the Father and Jesus the son have so much love they have no other choice but to spread it -- creating a third person -- the Holy Spirit. Made in God's image, he allows us to share in this creation process. A man and woman come together and their love for each other is so great that they create a third person -- a child.

Thus, when we, as humans with free-thinking minds, say we can take the Holy Spirit out of the relationship of man and woman, whom do you think wants to come in and muck everything up? The devil. That is how we got to be a society that views taking a child from a mother's womb as no big deal.

It amazes me that fathers actually stand for this. Fathers are the producers of life. They give their own seed to create that life. Yet, if their own seed -- their child -- is killed, our laws in America say they have no choice in the matter.

So who is really in control of America? We, the people? Or is it the government who says life can be taken from us and we are to view it nonchalantly?

Until we begin to value life, all other issues are secondary. Life is the fundamental foundation of our society. We deserve to have a nation that our founding fathers created where we can appreciate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We need to recognize that God is the giver of this life, and it is to be protected. We need to stand up and say enough. Killing 4,000 a day in the wombs of our mothers is enough. There needs to be an uprising -- a peaceful one -- in which we are unafraid to speak out for the most vulnerable of human life: the unborn.

And that's the big deal about abortion.

Donetta Robben is a freelance columnist from Hays. Write to her at P.O. Box 614, Hays, KS 67601, or e-mail her at donetta@ soulcommunications.net