That time of year is fast approaching, so it's time for an impassioned plea -- with a twist.

In years past, we've asked you to give us your best, at least in terms of hunting and fishing pictures that demonstrate the quality of Kansas hunts.

I'm making that plea once again.

Send us your photos showing great hunts that you've had in Kansas, such as that mystical 15-bird dove limit that the state says it allows. I guess, really, the problem is that mourning doves have an aversion to being shot, and so they dip and dive and flit and flutter, right in front of a dove hunter's eyes.

I have no idea how many shells I've emptied on those acrobatic birds, but rest assured, it's been plenty. And that was just in the last season or two.

Now, we want more than just doves, mind you. There's turkeys, pheasants, quail and deer. I'd love to have someone send me a picture of them and their limit of snipe.

I know they exist. It's not just a tale that teenaged boys talk about. Unlike unicorns (until someone proves differently), snipe are real. And there's a season for them.

That season opened Tuesday, right along with mourning doves. It runs through Dec. 16, with a daily bag limit of eight. No one, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, reported killing any snipe in Kansas last year.

While we might not be able to publish every photo we receive. But that would be a good thing, being so overwhelmed with photos that we'd have to transfer some over to our Web site, which is, incidentally,

Don't forget the last forward slash, as our current system requires it.

We hope to change all of that soon, but as we all know that takes time.

Until then, we'll print what we can and post the extras online.

That will be our hall of fame, if you will.

On the flip side, we'll also implement a wall of shame.

As many of you already know, we're aghast at people who carelessly dump their trash in the countryside, rather than head to the landfill just northwest of Hays.

We're also aghast at defacing Mother Nature. So rather than spend a great amount of space detailing why it's so wrong, especially when everyone knows it's wrong, we'll be posting photos in our Wall of Shame. They will have short explanations and reminders of what all of us should do to take care of our environment.

Many of those shameful photos will come from us. But, having said that, feel free to ship us photos that you think belong on the Wall of Shame. Again, can't promise anything, but we'd be happy to take a look.

Bottom line, we need to take care of our environment.

We've only got this one earth and this one environment. It needs tender care.