The Hays USD 489 Board of Education will continue to assess district goals at the meeting Monday at 6:30 p.m. in the Toepfer Board Room, 323 W. 12th.

At the Aug. 31 work session Superintendent Dean Katt asked board members to prioritize the 11 goals that were identified at the board retreat.

“I think that’s too many for us to ...come up with a document that we’re going to look at and review,” he told them at the work session.

The goals listed included improving public relations, physical structure, effectiveness of staff and board, and staff recruitment and retention. Other goals were to optimize class sizes, increase opportunities for community partnerships and decrease enrollment fees.

Katt recommended six goals as a manageable number.

Sarah Rankin said she would rather “leave all eleven on and work on the list.”

BOE President Lance Bickle said not all of them needed an action plan and timeline.

Rankin and Danielle Lang, Mandy Fox and Paul Adams returned re-prioritized lists.

Rankin and Lang identified improving public relations as the school district’s first goal.

Fox picked adopting best practices of quality school districts as the top goal followed by a combination of improving public relations, effectiveness of staff, operation functions and staff recruitment and retention as the second goal.

Adams marked improving the physical structure as the number one goal.

Board materials didn’t include responses from Bickle, Josh Waddell and Luke Oborny.

Shanna Dinkel, curriculum director, also will give an update on curriculum changes and state assessments.