Special to The Hays Daily News

ORLANDO, Fla. --"Somebody cut and stole the electrical line running to the church building," recalls Wycliffe Associates volunteer Dan Moore. "Without power, the weeknight Bible studies would have to be canceled."

Moore was on assignment in northern Cameroon at the time, working long hours to fully renovate a guesthouse at a theological seminary. When he learned of the local church's predicament, he volunteered his day off -- and his services.

"Being an electrician, I suggested burying the electrical line to prevent further theft," Moore said. "I met with two of the church members who were willing to help and eager to learn.

After a long day spent digging trenches in the hard earth and running electrical cable, we finally hooked up the power."

As power was restored to the church, a loud commotion erupted from inside. "A women's Bible study had been underway and was just about to cut short because of the dark," Moore said. "When the lights went on, everybody started singing and laughing and praising God."

Moore will be at a Wycliffe Associates banquet at 7 p.m. April 19 at Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill, 3293 Vine, where he will share how people of all backgrounds and talents are working together to accelerate Bible translation worldwide. Call (888) 599-7551 for complimentary tickets to the event.

In 2008, Moore began an 18-month assignment with Wycliffe Associates, traveling the continent and volunteering his construction skills for the cause of Bible translation. "I feel that my work benefits Bible translators by helping provide facilities where they can work and live, safely and effectively," Moore said. "And when people like me help with the construction, the translators can remain focused on their role."