Great rodeo

I had the great pleasure to announce the 27th annual McCracken KPRA rodeo from July 11 to 13. Once again, the crowd, participants and sponsors were not disappointed.

If you were in attendance, you saw what chills, spills and excitement comes with a "Rodeo of the Year" -- 2013 was no exception. The KPRA understands the work and effort it takes, and I hope the association awards McCracken Rodeo with its 12th KPRA "Rodeo of the Year," and the committee earns its fifth "Committee of the Year." (Fingers are crossed.)

I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly say "thank you" to all the sponsors, big and small, for your support and dedication: Alan and Janice McCloy of the McCloy Rodeo Co. and their fantastic crew; Roger and Brenda Legleiter and all of the McCracken Rodeo committee members; Becky Benoit for her tireless work as Rodeo Queen coordinator; 2013 Miss McCracken Rodeo Crystal Allmon; 2013 Miss McCracken Rodeo Princess Kassie Pechanec; my co-announcer Brian Gill from Sun Ray, Texas; and Lanny Wilson of Wooden Nickel Sound Productions, Guymon, Okla., for your professionalism, friendship and making everything sound so great.

I look forward to working with all of you again.

My hope is that 2014 is an even bigger rodeo, so come find out for yourself why they say, "McCracken is 'a party looking for a rodeo.' "

Hope to see you all next year.

Lew Hendricks

Kansas City, Mo.