Special to The Hays Daily News

"Your Night to Shine" is a formal, red-carpet event to celebrate individuals with disabilities, their families, caregivers and special guests. The night will include tiaras for the ladies, shoe-shining for the guys, gift bags, professional photographers, a keepsake DVD highlighting the night's events, spotlights, music, entertainment, fine dining and an inspirational message to let them know how special they are in God's eyes. This event is Saturday night.

Every year during the Christmas season, North Oak participates in a project called The Advent Conspiracy, focusing on spending less while giving more (less "presents," more "presence"). The congregation is challenged to consider the money they would have spent on even one gift and instead donate it to the Advent Conspiracy fund.

In prior years, the proceeds were used to purchase water filters, and teams were sent to the Dominican Republic to deliver the filters to people living without water in the sugar cane villages, while presenting a gospel message from John 4:14 about how Jesus is "the living water."

North Oak Community Church a few years ago began a ministry for individuals with disabilities.

Funds from the Advent Conspiracy project also are being used to send two families with special needs children to Michigan for a Joni & Friends family retreat.

To see a promotional video about the event, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcg7Csbfyw0.