The process to enter exhibits for the Ellis County Fair has changed. Online entries are required in advance, no later than July 5. Exhibitors will need to go online to to begin the process.

Exhibitors who are not part of a current 4-H family will need to create their own account to register. In a 4-H family, adults can add themselves to that account and exhibit in open class.

In the online entry system, exhibitors choose the division they want to enter, find the specific class in that division, and include a brief description of the item. Add entries one at a time to the account. There is no payment required, so continue past those screens, but be sure to “submit” to complete the entry.

The fair manager will approve all entries and print the entry tags, so there is no need to fill out entry cards this year. If someone missed entering something the first time, they can add more after the fair manager approves the first group of entries.

There is a step-by-step video of the process posted on the Ellis County Extension Office website at and on the Ellis County Extension and Ellis County Fair Facebook pages.

For help with the online system, contact fair board President Jill Pfannenstiel at or the Ellis County Extension Office, 601 Main in Hays, (785) 628-9430.