Follow the votes

In this Halloween and election season, I find the scariest thing lurking in the shadows is not the ghoul who wants to get his hand in our candy bowls. It is Gov. Sam Brownback who wants to take over Medicare for Kansas seniors. Why has this prospect been absent from the conversations concerning our future as Kansans under the present administration?

Last season, the Kansas Legislature passed House Bill 2553 which, if given congressional approval, would give Kansas the authority to "suspend by legislation the operation of all federal laws, rules, regulations and orders regarding health care" and to take control of all federal funds such as those that flow directly from Medicare to health care providers in Kansas.

In a letter signed by Brownback on April 22 of this year, he states "Kansas already has experience with a successful state level reform of a federal health-care program. In January 2013, Kansas launched a major reform of its Medicaid system by covering nearly 400,000 Kansans under KanCare." Truly, I know of no health-care provider who has had a favorable experience with KanCare, especially in regard to reimbursements. Any hospital official throughout Kansas, especially from small hospitals which have been forced to struggle under a backlog of unpaid receivables from Kancare, will tell you Brownback's reforms have not improved the Medicaid system -- they have made it worse. And now he wants to take over our funding for Medicare?

We seniors like our Medicare, and we don't want it tampered with, so let's stand up for ourselves. Take a look at the legislators who voted for this bill. In my district, Marc Kahrs voted for HB2553, so he will not be getting my vote. And Brownback will definitely not be getting my vote.

Carol Denning,