Surf was up Wednesday at Holy Family Elementary School as Karen Bieker’s preschool students learned the letter “B” with a beach party.

“You have to incorporate fun with learning,” Bieker said. “Beach party is for ‘B.’ ”

The outdoor activities didn’t include sand, but students needed their beach towels to dry off after a playful water fight full of giggles.

“Who’s ready to get wet?” she asked.

Those who didn’t want to participate sat on the sidelines.

Students playing split into two groups and filled plastic cups with water from a plastic pail.

With Bieker spraying one water hose and para Nicole Sauer another, the water fight began as the youngsters dumped water on one another.

The students in the afternoon session also drenched Bieker.

Brynlee Gerber’s favorite moment was “when our teacher got wet.”

Bieker has 22 students in the morning class and 21 in the afternoon.

The students in the morning session were a little more subdued in the water fight, Bieker said with a laugh.

That didn’t keep them from enjoying the game.

“They were in heaven,” Lori Krannawitter, a para, said of the morning class. “I’m still wet from it.”

Before the water game, the students played with a beach ball trying to keep the ball in the air as long as they could, giggling as they chased it when the wind caught it.

“It’s too windy. We have to go to plan B,” Bieker said.

That meant rolling it on the ground instead.

After drying out from the water game, the students returned to the classroom for a snack.

Palm trees and Beach Boys music gave the classroom a tropical atmosphere.

It was Josie Brady’s turn to bring snacks.

Brady said she helped make the chocolate pudding in mini colorful plastic pails with a Teddy Graham sunbathing under a colorful umbrella.

Wet towels were dispatched to the backs of chairs to dry, and the children settled down to enjoy a snack which included fruit juice.

In addition to the outdoor activities, the students found the color blue and read a book about the beach.

Bieker has been teaching the letter “B” by hosting the beach party for Holy Family preschoolers every year for 13 years.