The Hays City Commission will meet at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at city hall to discuss construction and the water supply.

Commissioners will debate four bids from three contractors for various street maintenance projects costing a projected $458,566. According to the meeting's agenda, the asphalt on 11th from Cedar to Vine has "failed past the point of no return," and new concrete would be among the improvements.

Six miles of residential streets, which mainly are north of 13th and east of Vine, would be chip sealed, which means applying a thin coat of oil on the asphalt and coating it with chipped stone. Other streets might receive 2,500 gallons of PolyPatch to fill in cracks and depressions. Curbs and brick streets would also be repaired throughout the city.

In-house work would total $75,000.

Other business on the agenda:

* The commission will consider allocating $91,000 to complete the levee trail. The Bike Hays plan includes a levee trail segment, but budgeted dollars will cover only a base segment from Main to Fort Hays State University's pedestrian bridge. Completing the trail north of the bridge to Eighth costs $226,000, and the Kansas Department of Transportation will cover $136,000 if the city pays the rest.

* Mayor Kent Steward will submit his recommendation to appoint Jean Gleichsner to the Ellis County Wellhead Protection Committee.