Approximately 15 children, preschool through elementary-age, gathered in the children’s department of the Hays Public Library on Monday afternoon for pre-Valentine Day activities.

Valentine Bingo was the planned activity, and the participants were excited to play. Instead of calling numbers, coordinator Dana Lang called popular phrases from conversation hearts — “Love Bug” and “Sweetheart” among other phrases.

The children marked their cards with marshmallows.

Three-year-old Elliot Copper was eating his marshmallows faster than his mother could help him fill his board.

Big sister Emersyn, 8, said she hadn’t received any Valentines yet, but she was sure she would get some today at her school party.

“I’m giving puppies and candies,” Emersyn said.

The children were excited for the surprises that Valentine’s Day would bring.

Emmery Dugan, 7, said he hoped to buy his mom and dad the chocolate that comes in the heart-shaped box.

Easton Ditter, 7, agreed chocolate is a popular choice, saying that’s what girls like to get.

“I get football cards,” Easton said.

Once the participants got a Bingo, they made their way to the treasure chests full of prizes. The children were able to choose two prizes — toys or books — to take home.

This morning, the early childhood group participated in a Valentine’s Day party in the children’s department complete with alphabet matching, musical hearts, parachute play and a Valentine craft.

Teens are invited to participate in the Make and Take: Spa Day activity in the young adult department from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., and elementary-aged students will have their own party from 4 to 5 p.m. where they can play games, make a suncatcher and enjoy floats and puppy chow.