The race for the White House is mind-boggling.

There’s such a huge difference in how our U.S. government is supposed to be run when one looks at Democratic candidates versus Republicans — that is, if the latter party carries through on their campaign promises. Our Republican controlled Congress hasn’t, and I will get to the reason why.

On the Republican GOP side, Kansas got it right with Ted Cruz. Nobody can say with absolute certainty what Cruz will do about our country, but I’m in his corner optimistically. I might not be as enthusiastic if Trump is the nominee, but I will support either one. What choice do we have?

The answer to that last question is mind-boggling and makes one’s head spin.

Many of us on the conservative side believe we need a complete change in direction for this country.

Front-running Democrat Hillary Clinton claims she will follow in the footsteps of President Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders will too for the most part. Call them the establishment, although Sanders wants an even bigger socialist government than we already have.

But here’s the kicker. There are many influential Republicans that would just as soon maintain the status quo. They don’t want change. They’re sitting pretty in Washington or wherever, even without control of the White House. To them, it’s “why rock the boat” with all the changes Trump and Cruz are proposing? There’s talk all over the place that many Republicans might cross over and vote Democrat rather than vote for the two just mentioned.

And, that’s mind-boggling. Did readers see what our former first lady said? Laura Bush said she would rather vote for Hillary than Trump if he becomes the nominee. What more proof is needed that the Democratic and Republican establishment in many ways are one?

Don’t forget voters: Hillary has a disastrous past, oodles of negatives. Donald might say some things that might be off the wall, but has yet to show what he will do about changing the direction of this country. Hillary won’t change anything.

To think there are Republicans in name only (called RINOS) who would vote against a Trump or Cruz blows the mind, but then again that’s why Trump and Cruz are popular. They’re not part of the establishment and have support from millions of dissatisfied voters not seen in our politics for decades.

God help us if a Democrat again becomes president, and if it is a Republican, we pray the new guy in the Oval Office doesn’t cave to the establishment on either side of the aisle.

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.