The name of the fourth month of the year has a couple of possible origins. The almanac says April is from the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. But the dictionary says it's from Latin "Aprilis," from aperire, "to open," possibly because it is the month in which the buds begin to open.

In Greek mythology, the goddess of love and beauty was identified with Venus, an ancient Italian goddess of spring, bloom and beauty, later identified with the Greek Aphrodite as goddess of love.

Also Aphrodite, the foam-born, said to be so named because she is supposed to have spring from the sea (aphros, foam).

So take your pick as to the origin of the name April. The fourth month has 30 days and is remembered by most of us for April Fools day.

We found the month named agriculturally by Charlemayne in Old High German (15th century). The fourth month he called Ostarmanoth (Easter month).

Watch for May's origin next month.

Jim and Opal Flinn, Generations Advisory Group.