Ellis County has a great opportunity to select a very good person for county clerk on Tuesday. Donna Maskus is the most qualified candidate for this office for many reasons.

First, her experience as chief assistant in the office for many years has made her ready to take over from Day One. Second, her personality as a "people person" is exactly what the office needs. She makes every visitor to the office, regardless of party affiliation or station in life, feel welcome.

I have had the pleasant experience of dealing with her many times and, unlike some public officials who take their jobs for granted, she always starts with "Yes, now let's figure out how to make it work." Third, Donna is young and energetic and will use those attributes to modernize and make the office of county clerk more efficient and relevant to this time of the computer and the Internet.

She works well with others and will be a cohesive factor with other elected officials, helping us cut taxes while increasing services to the public.

We need to take advantage of opportunities such as Donna Maskus' candidacy presents. She epitomizes the title "public servant" and will serve us well. That is why I voted for her, when I advance voted this year. I urge all voters to do the same.

John T. Bird