Kansans, get off the pot.

Or, as the Kansas State Fair is suggesting, "Get on a stick" and plan to head to this year's 10-day September festivities.

That's right: Forget "Picking up some bunnies" or "hanging with the hogs" of the past. Never mind "Checking out the studs." This is the fair's new slogan for 2014.

Complete with a Popsicle guitar.

The fair launched the slogan, a concept generated by the fair's marketing firm, Greteman Group, several weeks ago. Last week, however, fair officials unveiled their newly wrapped van, done by Hutchinson-based Lowen Corp. A second van will be wrapped soon, said Fair Manager Denny Stoecklein.

I have to admit, "Get on a Stick" has grown on me despite the fact I had to look up the term as well as get my mind out of the gutter.

Besides, the best foods at the state fair, other than cheese curds, come on a stick. And I think all should heed the advice to get out to the fair.

But, alas, an unofficial poll on The News' Facebook page shows that most don"t get this sticky slogan.

The expression means to get busy, get going, get the job done, according to the American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms. The site says it dates back to the early 1900s and comes from the idea of getting a car going by using the gearshift or stick.

Here's what our Facebook friends say.

Christi McMillan Aden: "That's the new slogan?? I'm lost cuz I don't get it lol"

David Sanchez: "I don't want to get on a stick. lol"

Kacey Allen: "Um ... I think I've seen similar slogans on porn shop advertising silly move. And just looks/sounds dumb!"

Then there was this comment from Michelle: "I think it's dumb to put so much money into something that only happens once a year in a dying town. That money coulda went to the food bank to help replenish their dwindling supply of food. There are hungry children in this town and u guys r spending money on the fair!!"

There was not one positive comment, at least not by press time Monday. And the last one bothers me.

Narrow-minded, it doesn't look past the fact this isn't the Reno County fair. It's the Kansas State Fair. It doesn't just involve Hutchinson. It brings in millions of dollars of revenue each year, which is infused into our local economy. We'd be at a loss without the fair. Our forefathers fought hard to get it here.

Well, I'm not a drug addict, unless you count diet Dr Pepper.

I'm definitely not a carnie; no one should trust me running a ride ever.

However, a few bad comments don't dampen my spirits about the fair. And, from a marketing standpoint, the slogan is working. People are talking.

Moreover, I know I'm not alone in my love of the fair.

But I guess I'm a kid at heart. More people should be.