Special to The Hays Daily News

GREAT BEND -- Heartland Center for Spritualilty announces the new session of SpiritLife beginning soon.

SpiritLife is designed for individuals who seek to journey for deeper faith and knowledge as they come together to study, share and reflect.

"SpiritLife has been a true blessing" said Rev. Danny Ginn, pastor of the Christian Church in Oxford. "The teaching was rich in spiritual history and grounded me in the deeper things of God. The staff is sensitive to each student's spiritual roots, making room for truth from many of the Christian traditions. Beyond the great teaching, Christ was at work in the lives of each participant and in the whole community that formed each weekend."

SpiritLife is a two-year spiritual formation process sponsored by Heartland Center for Spirituality in Great Bend. A third year of additional training and certification in the ministry of spiritual director is also available.

Team-taught by the HCS staff, the classes include Introduction to Christian Spirituality, Contemporary Issues, Spiritual Formation Group, Tools for Inner Exploration, History of Christian Spirituality, and Spiritual Development, Discernment and Lifestyle.

During the first two-year program, 31 people participated in SpiritLife with 15 people continuing on a third year for certification as spiritual directors.

"It is so great to be with a group of people who are all drawn together by the love of Christ," said Pastor Nancy Modin of United Methodist Church in Roxbury. "I learned a lot from the classes -- about spiritual disciplines and about the history that comes from our Christian ancestors."

"The ecumenical spirit of the group graces us all as we study substantive and well-prepared material on Christian spirituality, history and spiritual development," said Sister Louise Hageman, co-director of the Heartland Center for Spirituality. "And as we share our journeys, we are encouraged and energized by the God who walks with each of us."

"I have found that the participants in SpiritLife desire to intentionally nurture their relationship with God and are eager to learn about faith issues," said Rev. Connie Burkholder, staff member of the Heartland Center. "This has made the conversation and sharing during the classes engaging, rich and exciting. That's a wonderful atmosphere for adult learning and formation."

For further information about the program, contact the center at 3600 Broadway, Great Bend KS 67530, (620) 792-1232 or by e-mail at office@heartland spirituality.org.

Additional information can be found by visiting the Web site at heartlandspirituality.org/spiritlife.