UNC's troubles

At the University of North Carolina, a cheating scandal has arisen from the ashes of academia. Student athletes are allowed to skip classes in which they are registered, take no tests and in due course get passing grades toward graduation (failing being designated in the early draft). It does not get much better than this form of having ones cake and eating it too.

A perennial top 50 university academically, North Carolina evidently has an unwritten policy of admissions, differentiating those who can cut the mustard in class and those who can play ball.

Maybe not the worst of two worlds, but since the majority of student athletes will not go on to play sports professionally, their all too often impoverished secondary-school educations stand little chance of improvement to enable them to get work in the real world outside of sports. (I mean, how many talking heads does it take to reach the saturation point of glib beyond mendacity?)

Thanks to this policy of moral and intellectual corruption in which any recognizable academic standards have been gleefully (it seems) cast aside, we now have the cult of nonacademic vulgarity. Once upon a time, being a student athlete carried the aura of personal integrity. Now, it carries along with it the suspicion of moral decay (enabling guilty until proven otherwise).

So the beat goes on. Is there any reprieve? I doubt it. It would seem it is above all else, bread and circuses for the masses. Is there any doubt why so much scandal takes place in the professional sports world?

Gary J. Whitesell,