Two northwest Kansas women injured in an accident at Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City, Kan., are back home awaiting more medical appointments.

The two women from a small town near the Nebraska-Kansas state line were in a raft along with Caleb Schwab, 10, who was killed on the Verrückt ride Sunday afternoon. The ride is the tallest in the world of its kind at 17 stories.

“We feel really bad for his family,” the husband of one of the women said, stating his family wanted to remain anonymous for now.

The man also said both women were not comfortable describing the accident at this point.

The husband and wife, along with a sister-in-law, were on vacation in the Kansas City area and at the water park Sunday.

Both women were taken to a local hospital with injuries following the accident. The husband said they remained at the hospital for four or five hours before being released to specialists.

He said his wife needed eight stitches in her chin and suffered a broken jaw. They were planning to go to a specialist in Nebraska tomorrow to see if the jaw needed wired shut or left alone to heal on its own.

His sister-in-law needed five stitches above her left eye and had bruising on her eyeball, as well as a fracture under her eye.

He said the incident has taken a physical and emotional toll on the women, but they’ve received ample amounts of support from the small town where they live.

“We’re getting a lot of support from everyone,” he said.

The accident gained national headlines when it happened Sunday. Schwab was the son of Rep. Scott Schwab in the Kansas House of Representatives.