Origins of name of months on our calendar have varied from Roman gods and emperors to a Roman goddess. Beginning with September, the months came from Latin numbers.

October's the 10th month in our calendar, whose name came from Latin octo, meaning "eight" (October being the eighth month of the Roman Year).

What does October bring to mind? Halloween, family birthdays and our 59th anniversary. Also, 31 days of fall colors and falling leaves.

Charlemagne named the months agriculturally in old German in the 15th century. He named the 10th month windumemanoth (vintage month).

Studying the history of the calendar, we came upon the origin of the English weekday names used by the Gregorian calendar. This month we will give the origin of Monday and Tuesday.

*Monday -- Moonday (celestial), a modernization of "monnendaeg."

* Tuesday -- Tyr's day (old Norse god -- Tiw in Old English, Teiw in Proto-Germanic).

Watch for the month of November and Wednesday and Thursday's origins next month.

Jim and Opal Flinn, Ellis, are members of the Generations Advisory Group.