Less than a half-inch of rain fell in Hays in August, sinking the community deeper into significant rainfall deficit.

The situation is much the same throughout northwest Kansas, although some areas received bigger beneficial rains.

Measurable precipitation fell three times in August, according to records maintained at the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center at the south end of Hays.

Together, they measured just 0.46 of an inch. Most of the month’s total fell in a single rain, measuring 0.39 of an inch, falling Aug. 15. On Aug. 2, 0.04 fell and 0.03 of an inch fell Aug. 18.

With the August rain, the precipitation total for the year now stands at 13.99 inches. Normal would be 17.57, making for a rainfall deficit of 3.58 inches for the year.

The month’s deficit amounted to 2.51 inches.

At the Northwest Kansas Research-Extension Center outside Colby, rainfall was slightly higher, measuring 0.71 of an inch. The biggest rain, however, amounted to just 0.35 of an inch.

At the National Weather Service office in Goodland, rainfall in August amounted to just 0.37 of an inch. That’s well below the average of 2.7 inches. For the year, Goodland is ahead of normal by 0.85 of an inch, receiving a total of 16.75 inches since Jan. 1.

Hill City’s rainfall total for the month stood at 1.04 inches, also well below the average of 2.91 inches. The Graham County community is in the middle as far as rainfall totals for the year.

They’ve received 15.81 inches so far, 2.07 inches below normal.

Smith Center fared much better in August, receiving 5.48 inches of rain — 3.26 inches in a single event Aug. 5.

At the Russell airport, 2.25 inches of rain fell, slightly less than normal.

Hays also proved to be something of the hot spot for the region, registering a month high of 108 degrees Aug. 8.

Temperatures either hit or exceeded 100 degrees four times in Hays.

Despite that, Hays was nearly normal as far as average temperatures were concerned.

Colby’s high, by comparison, stood at 102 degrees Aug. 26, the only time it hit 100 degrees. Goodland, however, didn’t even break the century mark in August.