President to governor?

When I learned that President Edward Hammond was retiring as president of Fort Hays State University, I immediately conceived the idea he would be a fantastic candidate for governor of Kansas to run against Gov. Sam Brownback.

Hammond, as I understand it, is an independent. I would prefer to see him run as a Republican, but if he runs as an independent, he would be on the general election ballot along with candidate Paul Davis of the Democratic Party and Brownback. With the reputation President Hammond has in the field of education throughout Kansas and the leadership he has represented in Kansas as well as in business practices, he would be an ideal governor.

I urge everyone to give consideration to the candidacy of President Hammond for governor of Kansas. He has recently announced he is at the top of his game and would certainly be very well qualified to lead this state.

In closing, I would urge anyone that reads this letter to consider contacting President Edward Hammond by phone, email or letter, urging him to make the run. I have talked to him on the phone about this, and he did not say yes or no, but I think that with proper urging and consideration he would be a candidate and would be successful. He is well known across the state for his practices, and he is eminently well qualified.

Thomas C. Boone