Reality check

How do we protect school kids from invaders packing military-scale armaments?

The NRA lobbyists maintain we won't have to depend on kicks to the crotch, delivered by elderly guidance counselors, if school faculties are all armed to the teeth.

When someone with a banana-clipped assault rifle breaks into a school and starts shooting everyone in sight, hell-bent on eventual self-destruction, many innocents will die while surviving adult academics and security guards are extricating their pistols from their holsters, or running for the gun lockers, and then some of them will die before they can get a clear shot, or even jam their own rounds into their chambers.

More guns as the solution to gun violence?

Let's quit wimping around.

Grenades for all. Teachers won't have to risk obtaining direct line-of-sight beads on the nutcases -- just toss one or two fragmentation bombs around a corner without breaking cover. That'll teach those crazy bastards not to mess with our children, albeit after the fact.

Unfortunately, committed assassins like we've seen in the news won't be deterred by the prospect of getting killed when they stage their assaults; that's just the anticipated culmination of their plans anyway.

The NRA is divorced from reality, both before and after the fact, but facts don't matter. Readily available guns empower would-be killers who would otherwise be impotent.

Jon Hauxwell