The Hays Fire Department at 2:20 p.m. Wednesday responded to the report of a building fire at Professional Fire Equipment Co., 713 E. Sixth.

According to Hays Fire Chief Gary Brown, an employee at the fire equipment company discovered the fire, and used a fire extinguisher to hold it in check while a second person called 911.

This quick action prevented a much more serious fire, Brown said in a statement.

On arrival, firefighters found heavy smoke conditions and a small fire burning in a workshop inside the building.

Firefighters with breathing apparatus used a second fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire and checked to make sure the fire was not spreading into the walls leading away from the workshop.

A hose attached to a fire hydrant was laid and one attack fire hose advanced as a precaution in event the fire had spread.

There was only minor fire damage to equipment and the structure in the workshop as well as smoke damage throughout the building.

The most probable cause of the fire was failure of an electrical appliance that ignited nearby combustibles.

Five fire trucks and 16 firefighters responded.

The last fire crew left the scene at 3:13 PM.

In the statement, Brown offered a reminder that promptly calling 911 and fast action with a fire extinguisher can prevent a serious fire.

Read the instructions, he said, and understand how to use a fire extinguisher before a fire strikes. Call 911 before trying to fight the fire. If the fire cannot be controlled by the fire extinguisher, firefighters are already on the way.