TOPEKA – Agricultural land values in 66 Kansas counties may decrease slightly from property valuations recently sent out – depending on the property’s soil type.

Valuations on some property for tax year 2016 could decrease by as much as $3 an acre, according to the Reno County Appraiser’s Office.

However, because this is a decrease in the property value, counties are not required to send out a second notice.

Values in Reno County only saw around a $1-per-acre decrease on some soil types. Approximately two-thirds of the soils and 5,700 parcels were affected by the error.

While valuation notices are sent out in March, tax bills have not yet been mailed to property owners. The changes will be reflected in the 2016 tax bills.

A clerical error in the calculation provided to the state Property Valuation Division, which was used to determine some valuations, caused the mistake.

Property owners with questions about their agricultural land value should contact their local county appraiser’s office.