Special to The Hays Daily News

Commencement ceremonies for NCK Tech were May 11 in Hays. Students achieving a 3.5 to 4.0 grade-point average earned Dean's Honor Roll academic honors during the ceremony. Those students include

Hays: Courtney Ann Augustine, general business; Stephanie Renee Shoemaker, general business; Jeremy C. Steele, general business; Heath L. Burgardt, business management; Eddy Alfredo Chavez-Juarez, business technology; Roberto Fausto Chavez-Juarez, business technology; Tadd A. Gertschitz, business technology; Tia M. Wright, pharmacy technician certificate; Derrick V. Downie, plumbing/heating/air conditioning and associate's degree in building construction technology; Sara J. Dreher, practical nursing; Alaina Renee Hughes, practical nursing; Ashley Marie Krannawitter, practical nursing; Jennifer L. Tutak, practical nursing; Ashley Kay Wahrman, practical nursing; Jay Hipp, residential electricity; Dillon Bell, welding; Debra Janel Alvarez, associate's degree in nursing; Amanda Lucille Breinig, associate's degree in nursing; Timothy Hughes, associate's degree in nursing; Ashleigh Meredith Mabb, associate's degree in nursing; Katherine M. Wilcox, associate's degree in nursing; Blake E. Chester, associate's degree in pharmacy technician; Jessica Lee Steele, associate's degree in pharmacy technician.

Russell: Neal G. Trober, carpentry/cabinetmaking; Darian A. Patten, pharmacy technician certificate.

Plainville: Tiffany L. Bethel, pharmacy technician certificate; Sara Crawford, pharmacy technician certificate; Stephanie J. Byer, practical nursing.

Victoria: Adam Juenemann, plumbing/heating/air conditioning; Kelton Unrein, welding; Farrah Lace Hendrix, associate's degree in nursing.

Ellis: Luke Pechanec, plumbing/heating/air conditioning; Amanda K. Pfannenstiel, practical nursing.

La Crosse: Katy Launchbaugh, practical nursing.

Natoma: Lori A. Lyle, practical nursing.

Hoxie: Patrick Weber, welding.