Never again

I laughed myself sick reading Don Desbien's vitriolic claptrap in the Reader Forum on Sunday.

He presents as totally divorced from reality, as do the rest of the Republican "base" who control the morons presently enjoying a 10-percent approval rating, representing the House.

These guys (and gals, unfortunately) are systematically ensuring their Greedy Obstructionist Party will never again win a national election, no matter how hard they try to keep potential Democrats from voting. Same, a little later, at state level.

When your only source of information is a money-grubbing bigot on talk radio, or Faux News, where truth goes to die, who is methodically coining in millions, scaring white guys going to lunch in their pickup trucks, how can you possibly distinguish reality from manipulation?

Just once, I'd like to hear a Republican admit the only thing wrong with this president is the color of his skin. They will throw this country under the bus in a vain attempt to prove that a black guy couldn't possibly do that job, even if he did somehow manage to "cheat" his way into office.

2014 and 2016? Bring 'em on.

Ian Donaldson