Two Hays men have been arrested in the wake of a hit-and-run accident that damaged four vehicles parked at the Ellis County Emergency Services Building.

The accident took place sometime after midnight Friday, apparently when a truck attempted to turn onto General Hays Road from 22nd Street and slid on the ice into a row of vehicles parked outside the county building. The vehicles were those owned by Emergency Medical Services personnel who were on duty at the time.

The two arrested, according to Hays Police Chief Don Scheibler, were Julian Cigarroa, 18, and Deyton M. Davis, 20, both of Hays.

Cigarroa was arrested for no driverís license, leaving the scene of an accident, speed too fast for road conditions, temporary deprivation of property and interference with law enforcement. Davis was arrested on suspicion of driving with a restricted license and leaving the scene of an accident.

Although no one was injured in the accident, it caused several thousand dollars in damages.

Scheibler said the accident occurred when the vehicle, believed to have been driven by Cigarroa, was eastbound on 22nd Street and attempted to turn north on General Hays Road.

The pickup he was driving slid off the roadway over the curb and through a snow bank, striking at least one vehicle, which was then pushed into two other vehicles in a chain-reaction accident.

A fourth vehicle was damaged when they were struck by landscaping rocks that were thrown up as the truck slid over the curb and into the snowbank.

Even though the vehicle left the scene of the accident, Scheibler said the driver returned to the EMS building later that day about noon.

Thatís when authorities were able to determine there had been two people in the vehicle, which left the accident scene and drove to a different location, returning the vehicle to the person who owned it.

Scheibler said the owner had not given his permission to drive the vehicle.