There is a beauty all around. I decided to take Apostle Paul’s advice for a day “meditate on what is lovely around me.” I want to appreciate special things Ellis has to offer and not let my mind be on other things.

The Kansas flower and American flag are prominent in our town. When you come into Ellis you will see the sunflower theme, beginning with the 'Welcome to Ellis' banner on light poles adorned with sunflowers and also on the back side 'Come Back Soon'.

Community volunteers paint large sunflowers on the street at each intersection in the business district. They do it often so the flowers stay fresh.

Also someone painted pretty sunflowers on the corner posts of the white fence around the memorial park downtown.

On holidays, American flags are always flying on main street. There is special flag made of concrete laying on the grass, curb side. it is painted, red, white and blue with stars and stripes, kept clean, color bright, grass neatly clipped around it. This permanent flag has been there for years. I’m proud of it.

Other bits of beauty include the house on the corner as I go to the post office, the color blue catches my eye. There will be an attractive afghan or cover (always blue) spread across the front porch bench. It gives me a feeling of comfort. I’m sure someone had enjoyed early morning fresh air while watching community traffic go by.

The little pink house covered with vines is still there, it’s a childhood memory of mine.

Beautiful trees and flowers everywhere, the rain has blessed us with Mother Nature's beauty. My favorite tree “The Rain Tree” is special right now and will make an interesting change later on.

I’m anticipating the flowers to bloom in front of the post office, the buds have finally appeared, must be there time.

By the end of the day I realize there is a lot of beauty around when I concentrate and look for it (I’m sure there is much more to see).

So, pay attention, don’t miss whats in your town and watch for changes and added attractions.

I believe the things of beauty are a gift from God. Enjoy.


Opal Flinn