Republican crossover

As Election Day approaches, I want to share a bit of history about Kansas governors. Since 1936, Kansas has had 19 governors -- if you exclude the 11-day governor in 1957. Of those 19 governors, 12 have been Republicans, and seven have been Democrats. The years of service as governor are interesting as the 12 "R's" served 44 years (56 percent) and the seven "D's" served 34 years (44 percent).

I believe during those 78 years, Republican was the majority party. One must conclude our Republican parents, friends and neighbors have crossed over and voted for the Democrat gubernatorial candidate often. Maybe then it is not so surprising many Republicans are crossing over this year. Four years of a failed Sam Brownback administration is enough to justify such a crossover.

Party loyalty became a thing of the past when Brownback was a party to deceitful campaigns against incumbent Republican senators in the August 2012 primary elections, which led to their defeat and the election of the governor's choices. If you can imagine, the governor did this because the incumbent Republican senators would not cater to him and vote as he wanted. They were loyal to their constituents. To deserve loyalty, one must first be loyal, which is a word the governor obviously does not understand. His ego, ambitions and agendas controlled his actions then and still do today. None of his legislative years have been in Topeka. He got his legislative schooling and training while he was in Congress in Washington -- can't one tell.

Except for the last four years, Kansas has basically prospered as a state under roughly an equal split in party affiliation in the governor's office. Under the Brownback administration, Kansas has become the scapegoat of the nation. Re-electing Brownback will not serve us well during the next four years. I dreadfully fear the results of his income tax elimination "experiment." It has not been and will not be good for Kansas in the future.

I urge Kansas Republicans everywhere to cross over, as they have before, and vote for Paul Davis to be our next governor.

Robert Wunsch,