Renter runaround

We landlords are property owners that pay taxes that pay the wages of people in the courthouse, law people and such. If someone steals gas, the police will run us down. If someone steals rent, it should be theft of services from a landlord. We have to go to the courthouse and file an eviction notice to get them out.

If we want these people in the courthouse, we are already paying to help us do this. We have to come up with all our own proper papers to file, then we have to pay them again. Then we have to pay the law we are already paying to serve the papers.

This costs close to $100 and costs us approximately another month's rent, waiting on the court system, to get them out. Then if we get a judgement against them, we have to find where they work and fill out more papers. We have to furnish and pay again to get them served if we can find them.

The law protects them so no one can tell us where they moved to or work. The people who steal rent probably don't pay any property tax at all.

This makes the rent higher for everyone. Is this fair for the honest people and us taxpayers?

Glen Teel,