Noteworthy anniversary

This is the 30th anniversary of the Community Assistance Center here in Hays.

The center was started 30 years ago by Esther Taggart and Irene Boone in a little room on Vine Street, and they eventually graduated to their current location on Oak Street. They have grown from a one-room operation to a large department-store like atmosphere, if you are inclined to go and take a tour of the facility.

They have, over the years, assisted many poor people and others in supplying them with their daily needs. They are to be commended for their longevity and for their success in the future.

I am personally very proud of the part that my former wife, now deceased, played in the creation of the center with Esther Taggart. Both Esther and Irene are now gone, but their endeavors live on.

Thomas C. Boone