'If I was in charge'

If I was in charge of welfare this is the way it should be.

They would get government-issued bags of rice, beans and blocks of cheese with powdered milk. If you want steak and such, get a job.

I would be sure all women could not get pregnant, then I would have everyone tested for drugs, alcohol and nicotine.

No more tats or piercing. If you want them, get a job.

Your housing will be inspected, kept clean and inventoried. If you want a plasma TV and such, get a job.

If you want on welfare, you will report to work on a government or city job each week, maybe cleaning roadways and such.

If you have expensive things, they can be sold before you are allowed welfare.

All of this is voluntary, so it don't violate someone's rights.

If you want taxpayers' money, you will follow our rules.

If it is unfair or demeaning to live off the taxpayers, please get a job.

While on government assistance, you would no longer vote. That would be a conflict of interest, in my opinion.

If you want to vote, just get a job and support yourself -- like around 53 percent of us do now.

Glen Teel