I am writing this letter to respond to the editorial in the May 15 paper. The author has gone way over the top. The banner placed on the Norton high school was clearly celebratory and not meant to insult. Apparently it referred to a popular hip hop song which includes lyrics containing the ‘n’ word.

The word is commonly used in the lyrics of many songs, movies, comedy acts and other forms of communication. The author indicated the word could only be used by one race. I was unaware the First Amendment to the constitution has been changed. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech to people of every race, and it is particularly important if that speech is offensive.

The author reported the police were looking into hate crime charges. Really? A hate crime? The incident doesn’t come close to meeting the definition of a hate crime.

Look it up. The author went on to criticize the community for defending the action as only a prank, and he suggested the perpetrators and any members of the community that defended them should undergo diversity training. Isn’t that term reminiscent of communist re-education camps or George Orwell’s thought police?

Come on, man. It was a celebratory prank. Chill out.

Jim Horacek